【News】Hydrogen/Ammonia, CCS/CCUS related information

Japan is promoting the development of new technologies as methods to reduce carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants, namely co-combustion of hydrogen and ammonia (or in the future, full-combustion), and CCS/CCUS (carbon capture and storage/carbon capture, utilization, and storage).

Here is a list of various reports and papers published by international organizations and NGOs on the technologies related to Japan’s decarbonization strategy.


  • Re-examining Japan’s Hydrogen Strategy Moving Beyond the “Hydrogen Society” Fantasy (Renewable Energy Institute, 2022/9/22, PDF
  • Hydrogen and ammonia co-firing in the power sector: Japan is choosing to expand fossil-fuel extraction and perpetuate coal and LNG (Kiko Network, 2021/10/28, PDF)
  • Getting Lost on the Road to Decarbonization: Japan’s Big Plans for Ammonia (Climate Integrate, 2022/6/30, PDF)


  • Bottlenecks and Risks of CCS Thermal Power Policy in Japan (Renewable Energy Institute, 2022/05/20, PDF)
  • Risky Dreams: Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) (Kiko Network, 2019/6, PDF)


In addition to the above, links to more reports and papers are available on the Google Spreadsheet JBC maintains in both in English and Japanese.