This page is a comprehensive map and database provided by Japan Beyond Coal. Find out the location, size, and current status of every coal-fired power generation unit in Japan.

Map of coal-fired power plants in Japan

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Number of Units and Capacity of Coal Power by Operation Year

Coal Power Capacity in Japan

Top 10 Coal Power Companies (By Capacity)

(*) Capacity is calculated as a sum of the capacity of units owned by a company and jointly-sponsored units divided by that company’s share.

Coal Power Plants Ranking by Prefecture

Phase-out plan
based on 1.5℃ target

Reduction plan
by power utilities

Almost no decrease by 2030?! What’s with that?

The map on the left shows the phase-out of coal-fired power plants in Japan by 2030, starting with older, less efficient plants. The map on the right shows the planned reductions based on the 2023 Aggregation of Electricity Supply Plans, an analysis by the Organization for Cross-regional Coordination of Transmission Operators (OCCTO) that compiles the supply plans submitted by Japan’s power producers.

Various government measures, such as the capacity market and GX Basic Policy (Green Transformation), which promotes co-firing ammonia with coal, are putting the brakes on Japan’s phase-out of coal-fired power. The gap between the required phase-out by 2030 and the current situation has widened significantly.

Coal-fired power plants emit a lot of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Reducing Japan’s coal-fired power generation to zero by 2030 is necessary to limit the increase in average global temperature to 1.5℃ and protect present and future generations from the climate crisis.

The time left until 2030 is dwindling by the minute. However, scenarios show that Japan can achieve zero coal-fired power generation by 2030 if it clearly sets a vision and goals, formulates bold policies, and moves forward according to a structured plan.

Japan must confront the current gap and take actions as soon as possible.

Data Summary

Click here (PDF) to download a summary of the coal plant data.

About the Database

Japan Beyond Coal regularly updates its database on all coal-fired power units in Japan as of 2020, including capacity and scale, year of operation, company, and current status. The scope of the database covers the following units:
* All coal-fired power units generating electricity for sale (including co-firing with biomass)
* Private (in-house) coal-fired power units 30 megawatts or greater

A Note to Users

This is an open database, so anyone is free to use, copy, or adapt it as they need. However, anyone doing so is requested to clearly indicate the Japan Beyond Coal database as a source.