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Let’s take action to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and the vast diversity of life on our planet from the climate crisis.

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Support and participate in NGO and local activities.

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Start your own action!  Write a blog or op-ed, send a letter to the government or influencers, join climate marches, participate in NGO activities, and more.

Events and Actions You Can Join


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Title Details
Sign: Four Critical Years: Act Now! Protect Our Future Signature Campaign by “Four Critical Years: Act Now! Protect Our Future”
From the campaign: “Please join our petition to protect our environment and future.”
Deadline: March 15, 2021
Sign: Petition to cancel construction of Yokosuka coal-fired power units Signature Campaign by No Coal Yokosuka
“Signatures calling for the cancellation of the Yokosuka coal-fired power plant construction plan – to leave a better environment for our children right now”

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