Think for the future, act now!

When 3.5% of the population acts, change will happen.
Actions by even just one person in a classroom can bring us closer to solutions. It’s definitely worth the effort !
Let’s start to stop coal power. Let’s start with what we can do today.

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Learn the key issues from JBC factsheets.

Our factsheets are useful references and resources summarizing coal-related issues. Why is 2030 a critical year? What are the global efforts to decarbonize? What are the problems with coal-fired power generation, CCS, and other technologies?

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Check reports published by international organizations such as the IPCC, research institutions, and NGOs, etc.

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Participate and act!

Would you take action? You can start by switching your electricity supplier, writing a blog, reaching out to influential people, participating in climate marches, or joining/volunteering for NGOs. Take action for the future!

The power of the individual

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There are many events and actions around the country, including the Power Shift campaign, petitions, pubic comments, climate marches, protest actions, study groups, and more. You can also join online webinars remotely.

Power Shift

Switch to a renewable energy supplier for your home or office electricity! You can easily switch your electricity supplier in just a few minutes online. Choosing Power Shift is a very effective and highly recommended action.

Sign a petition!

There are always various petitions seeking signatures on issues from coal plants to the climate crisis. We urge you to seek and sign petitions that you can support.
*Click “Event and Action” to see current activities.

Submit public comments

The government often invites public comments when it is considering projects, programs or legislation. In recent years, more people are submitting comments, and more often, the government is listening.
*Click “Event and Action” to see current activities.

Join local activities and groups

A citizen action in Kobe