Phase Out Coal by 2030

Coal-fired power generation emits huge amounts of CO2 and accelerates climate change.
That’s why we need to phase out coal.
Is that really possible? Would we have enough electricity? Would electricity cost more?
Worry not! The world is changing and so can Japan.
We can end our coal dependency and still have a prosperous society with energy conservation and renewable energy.

How is Japan doing with a coal exit?

To reduce CO2 emissions, we need to close coal power plants.
How many have been closed so far?


Japan Coal Power Plants Countdown (updated monthly)

Note: Top-right number is change in number of power plants since JBC launch (Sept. 2020).

Can We Get to Zero by 2030?

The aim is zero coal power by 2030. But the numbers are not dropping.

Phase-out plan
based on 1.5℃ target

Reduction plan
by power utilities

Almost no decrease by 2030?! What’s with that?

Why end coal?

What’s wrong with coal?
Why phase it out?

Urgent action needed to stop climate change

Is this good enough? Coal power in Japan.

Energy conservation & renewable energy for a secure and prosperous society

In Japan, where are the coal power plants? How many are operating?

Tracking every unit: Map & data of coal power plants in Japan

How is Japan doing with decarbonization?

More info: Publications & Fact Sheets

All over Japan people want change.

Here we report on citizens’ efforts all over Japan to phase out coal power.

Citizens are fighting the Kushiro Coal Power Plant and coal mine issues in Hokkaido.

Citizens have mobilized against the Sendai Power Station, a coal power plant in Miyagi Prefecture.

Citizens have mobilized to stop the 1,300 MW Yokosuka coal power plant in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Citizens are fighting GHG emissions and coal power plants in Aichi Prefecture.

Citizens have mobilized to stop a coal power plant in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture.

Citizens have mobilized to stop the GENESIS Matsushima project, which aims to add a gasification facility to extend the life of an aging, inefficient coal power plant in Sakai City, Nagasaki Prefecture.

Think for the future, act now!

There is so much we can do!

When 3.5% of the population acts, change will happen.
This “3.5% rule” was proposed by political scientists based on research that found 3.5% of the population is a critical mass to make change happen in society.

Actions by even just one person in a classroom can bring us closer to solutions. It’s definitely worth the effort!
The same could go for stopping coal power. Let’s start with what we can do today.


Voices of support

We support a coal exit by 2030.

  • We are not alone; every movement starts with the actions of an individual.

    Lillian Ono

    Model, Activist
  • Three years have passed since the launch of Japan Beyond Coal, and the discussion over coal-fired power generation in Japan has changed dramatically.

    Kenji Fuma

    CEO, Neural Inc. / Adjunct Professor, Shinshu University
  • Let’s act for the sake of future generations!

    Kenji Sekine

    President, United People, Inc. Representative Director, United for Peace Film Festival (UFPFF)
  • I support “-CALL FOR NO COAL- Phase Out Coal by 2030”.

    Suzuka Nakamura

    Co-Chair of “record 1.5” / Kagoshima University

About Japan Beyond Coal

Japan Beyond Coal is a campaign that aims for the phase-out of coal-fired power generation in Japan by 2030 to avert the climate crisis and create a clean and sustainable society.