【News】Yokosuka Residents Protest Trial Operation of Coal Plant

In Yokosuka, the trial operation of the coal-fired power ant being built by JERA has begun. According to an update on the website of one of JERA’s subsidiaries, the trial operation of the No. 1 pulverizer (equipment to pulverize coal so that it burns well) has started. Furthermore, residents in the neighborhood were notified of “steam discharge” through their neighborhood association, and concerned residents also contacted the No Coal Yokosuka for consultation.

Greenhouse gas emissions are currently accelerating global warming, and this summer, in addition to record heat in Japan, hundreds of people in Europe have died of heat stroke in heat waves exceeding 40°C (104°F), with wildfires breaking out in many areas. In Africa, drought is so severe that 14 million people are suffering from hunger. In Japan, coal-fired power plants are still being constructed and prepared for operation, even as reports continue to emerge of the devastating damage caused by the global climate crisis. JERA continues working toward the commercial operation of the Yokosuka coal-fired power plant, and many who are concerned about its impact on the climate crisis are passionately calling for its cancellation.

On July 15, No Coal Yokosuka issued a protest statement, saying “We protest against JERA’s attempt to operate a new coal-fired power plant without regard to its impact on air pollution and climate change, and strongly urge JERA to withdraw from the coal-fired power plant business as soon as possible by the year 2030.” In addition, on August 1, residents held their monthly standing action in front of Yokosuka Thermal Power Plant in the intense heat to convey their protest.

However, there has been no response from JERA, and construction of the plant continues. No Coal Yokosuka and local residents will continue to take action in protest.

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