【Update】Japan Coal Plant Tracker: 20180604

This is update on June 4th.

▷Sendaiko-Takamatsu Power Plant/Yonden, Sumitomo
On June 1st,  Sumitomo Cooperation announced they cancel the plan of coal-biomass combustion and consider only biomass in the future.

▷ Kobe Works New-No.1, No2. (tentative name)
On May 22nd, Kobelco Power Kobe-2 announced the final EIS had been accepted. This means EIA process for Kobe Works New-No.1 and No.2 was completed.
Acknowledgment for the final EIS document is available during 2018/5/25-2018/6/25.
The acknowledgement for the final EIS of Kobe Works New (tentative name) project and announcement for public information are on the web-site of Kobelco Power Kobe-2. (link, written in Japanese

▷ Taketoyo No.5
On May 30th, the official commencement ceremony for Taketoyo No.5 was held.
Capacity of Taketoyo No.5 is 1,070MW. It is replacement for decrepit No.2-4 units.
The environment minister submitted its opinion twice to request reviewing Taketoyo project which may increase CO2 emission significantly, to the economy, trade and industry minister.  The economy, trade and industry minister advised to Chubu Electric Power Co. (CHUDEN) to take possible measures to reduce CO2 emission as whole company. CHUDEN offered a plan mixing wood biomass (about 17%) to reduce amount of burning coal, and to reduce CO2 emissions. CHUDEN’s proposal got through its EIA process.
Taketoyo No.5 is planning to start its operation in March 2022.