【Update】45 coal-fired power plants with combined capacity of 23,279MW are under planning in Japan.

We have updated our list of domestic coal-fired power plants that are slated to be built, under the bidding process and that have been shutdown. There are plans for 3 new plants which brings the total to 45 and a combined capacity of 23,279MW. Please check back with us for updates!

This list is updated monthly.The Newest one is on Additional information page.

“List of coal power plant plants, bids, shutdown”

(Research by Kiko Network, * last updated May 1st,2015) ★Updated

■May 1st Updates


<New plan>

・No.5 Tokyo Electric Power and Chubu Electric Power

・No.15 Kansai Electric Power and Mitsubishi Corporation

・No.25 Kansai Electric Power, Tonen General Sekiyu

<Updates of company, company name and operation start period>

・No.11 Nippon Paper Industries IshinoMaki Energy Center

<Updates of status and operation start period>

・No.34 Kyushu Electric Power

<Excluded plans>

※Of the coal biomass co-combustion power plant plans in the power-plant list, units that use a large proportion of biomass were omitted.

・Oji Materia (Fuji city, Shizuoka prefecture) Fuel: coal for 40%.