We can’t have a bright future as long as we continue to burn coal.

Hitomi Kamanaka

Representative, Bun Bun Films, documentary filmmaker

Technologies that do not depend on fossil fuels have already been developed, so let’s support them and change our mindset to avert further global warming! We cannot hope for a bright future if we continue burning coal. It is time to do whatever we can to protect our planet’s environment.


Documentary filmmaker and movie producer. She released her first film Hibakusha at the End of the World (also known as Radiation: A Slow Death) in 2003. She has also made numerous documentaries on nuclear power and radiation exposure, including Rokkasho Rhapsody (2006), Ashes to Honey (2010) and Independent Living (2020, Producer) . In 2020, she moved her company to Tatsuno-cho in Nagano Prefecture, where she runs Nanairo, a rustic-style Japanese guest house. She is now involved in a diverse range of activities. Her latest film is Little voices from Fukushima.