I’m so excited about a self-sustaining future where we create our own energy!

Yuka Natori

Co-lead/director of “Media Is Hope”

When experiencing the heat in 2023, many of you may have felt a sense of crisis and thought, “Should I be worried about global warming?” I hope you keep that feeling in your mind.

If global warming continues at this rate, the summer of 2023 may actually be the coolest summer in the coming years. You might think, “We can’t do anything to stop it, can we?” or “There is not much I alone can do.” I want to tell you now that we can stop global warming, because we already have the knowledge and technology to do it.

This isn’t something we should just be putting up with. Instead, we should be changing the values behind our lifestyles and using our prosperity for change. We spend a whopping 35 trillion yen to procure resources from overseas for energy. Renewable energy, however, allows us to generate and circulate that money ourselves. I am very excited about such an independent future where we can make and buy our own energy.

Let’s support the Beyond Coal campaign, not forgetting to thank the energy industry for its contribution to our lifestyles so far, and support each other to change the future together with new energy!


Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1990. In 2019, with a sense of urgency about climate change, she left her company, and since then has been working in the social sphere and making efforts to make impactful solutions to address climate change. As Co-lead/director of Media is Hope, she is dedicated to increasing awareness of climate change issues in the Japanese mainstream media.