We are not alone; every movement starts with the actions of an individual.

Lillian Ono

Model, Activist

I was so shocked when I first learned that coal-fired power generation a cause of the Earth getting hotter at such a fast rate, and a reason for the intensifying rain, wind, and droughts! Who would have thought at first that the increasing global heat was related to the electricity we all use. But as long as that is the case, we have to say goodbye to coal-fired power generation, or else there will be no earth for people to live on.

Japan has the passion, wisdom, and strength to make whatever it decides to do a reality. We should be exiting coal as soon as possible to keep the earth at a temperature where people around the world can continue to live, and that is why we must stop coal-fired power by 2030!

You may think that you are powerless to take action… but none of us are alone, and every social change starts with the actions of one person. And together, we are more than one; there are people all over Japan and throughout the world who are acting with the same thoughts and feelings.

Let’s take care of ourselves and put those thoughts into action toward achieving a future with no operational coal-fired power plants by 2030, and we will rejoice together. Let’s speak out and support each other together. I am so glad that we have a website that provides such an important collection of information and thoughts.


Lilian has been a fashion model since 2004. In 2019, practiced traveling with the aim to go to COP25 in Madrid without flying. Disseminating climate change information and actions on social media. Involved in planning, establishing, and managing: Podcast Emerald Practice, Climate Dictionary, Peaceful Climate Strike, Spiral Club, Green TEA ~Team Environmental Activist.