【News】Powering Past Coal Alliance continues to grow with new members from national and sub-national governments, power utilities, and private enterprises

On June 30, 2021, the Powering Past Coal Alliance (PPCA), a coalition of national and sub-national governments, businesses and organisations working to advance the transition from unabated coal power generation to clean energy led by the UK and Canadian Governments, announced twelve new members and partners as the global movement to phase out coal-fired power continues to gain momentum.

In signing the PPCA Declaration, members “commit to phasing out existing unabated coal power generation and to a moratorium on any new coal power stations without operational carbon capture and storage, within their jurisdiction.” For the OECD and EU, this includes a commitment to phase out coal by 2030.

New members include Spain, which has made a massive effort in recent years to move away from coal, and is on track to phase out coal by the mid-2020’s. By 2022, Spain will have phased out 85% of its coal capacity in the span of only four years, all while implementing its Just Transition Strategy to support coal workers and communities. 

Also joining the PPCA are the first members from Poland: the region of Eastern Wielkopolska, along with utility company ZE PAK, which operates the region’s coal mines and power plants. Just two years ago, over 90% of ZE PAK’s electricity was generated from coal, and new coal projects were planned. However, last year ZE PAK announced it would close all coal mines and power plants by 2030 (with all but one mine shut down by 2023), and also declared that 70% of its electricity would come from renewables by 2025, and 100% by 2030. In addition to phasing out coal by 2030, regional authorities have also committed to making Eastern Wielkopolska carbon neutral by 2040. 

Coal phase-out plans are also expanding to countries in the Western Balkans with the countries of Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Albania all joining the PPCA as its newest members, bringing the number of members to 41 national governments, 39 sub-national governments, and 55 businesses and organizations.

In March 2021, Kyoto City became the first Japanese member of the PPCA, “to set the trend of phasing out fossil fuel, including coal, and transitioning to renewable energy.” As the momentum increases across the world for a 2030 coal phase-out, it is our hope that more Japanese municipalities, utilities, and companies join the PPCA to show their commitment to phasing out coal-fired power in Japan by 2030 in order to be consistent with the Paris Agreement. Contact your local government to ask if they are interested in becoming the next PPCA member!

Full list of new members and partners:

  • European governments: 
    • Spain 
    • Croatia 
    • Montenegro 
    • North Macedonia 
    • Albania
  • Polish region Eastern Wielkopolska and utility ZE PAK
  • Businesses and financial institutions: 
    • French asset manager Amundi 
    • European Sustainable Investment Forum 
    • Canadian utility Capital Power 
    • Engineering consultancy Mott MacDonald 
    • World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).



PPCA Press Release: Spain heads list of new Powering Past Coal Alliance members
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