【Database Update】Latest status of coal-fired power plants (June 1, 2023)

Japan Beyond Coal database update:

As of June 1, 170 coal-fired power units are currently operating in Japan.

Operating: 170 Units
Planned (including under construction): 4 Units
Retired: 3 Units

From June 1, 2023, seven major Japanese electric power utilities (Hokkaido Electric Power, Tohoku Electric Power, Tokyo Electric Power, Hokuriku Electric Power, Chugoku Electric Power, Shikoku Electric Power, and Okinawa Electric Power) will raise their electricity rates. Amid soaring electricity prices due to the effects of international energy price hikes from our reliance on fossil fuels, one of the coal-fired power plants currently under construction, Saijo New Unit 1 (500 MW), is scheduled to start operation this month.

* The full database can be downloaded in Excel format on this page.
* Click here (PDF) to download a summary of Japan’s coal plant data.