【News】JERA Yokosuka : Residents and Citizens Groups Protest Start of Commercial Operation of JERA Yokosuka Unit 1

On June 30, JERA, a 50-50 joint venture between Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) and Chubu Electric Power Co. (Chubu), announced the start of commercial operation of Yokosuka Thermal Power Station Unit 1 (650MW), a new coal-fired power plant constructed in Kurihama, Yokosuka, Japan. JERA has recently constructed two new coal-fired power plants in Yokosuka, with a total capacity of 1,300 MW. Unit 2 (650 MW) is currently under trial operation, and the combined CO2 emissions of these two units will amount to 7.26 million tons every year.

The citizens group No Coal Yokosuka, which has been voicing opposition to the construction of this power plant, immediately issued a statement of protest, calling to “Stop operation of the coal-fired power plant, which will intensify health risks for residents and accelerate the climate crisis.” Kiko Network also issued a statement strongly protesting the operation of the plant. Citing JERA’s major ad campaigns that claim to “Make fire that does not emit CO2”, the statement pointed out that JERA’s recent activities – starting operation of Taketoyo Unit 5 (a 1,070 MW coal power unit) last August and now also Yokosuka Unit 1, and constructing Yokosuka Unit 2 as well as other new LNG-fired thermal power stations – are not only not zero emissions, but actually increase Japan’s CO2 emissions.

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