【Database Update】Latest status of coal-fired power plants (October 01, 2021)

Japan Beyond Coal database update:

On September 29,  Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. (J-POWER) made an announcement that it is starting the environmental impact assessment process for the gasification plan of a coal-fired power plant in Matsushima, Nagasaki prefecture. J-POWER is planning to begin construction on an additional gasification unit to the currently-operating Matsushima Unit 2 in 2024, and start its operation in 2026.

Because of this, one new coal plan has been added to our count.

Documentation on the Primary Environmental Impact Consideration is only available in Japanese, and only for limited time at J-POWER’s webpage.

Here is J-POWER’s announcement about the plan for Matsushima: J-POWER Starts Preparation for Environmental Impact Assessment of GENESIS Matsushima Plan (PDF)

  • The full database can be downloaded in Excel format on this page.
  • Click here (PDF) to download a summary of Japan’s coal plant data.