【Database Update】Latest status of coal-fired power plants (September 01, 2021)

Japan Beyond Coal database update:

There is no update in August.
Therefore, the number of units currently operating (including mothballed) has not changed from last month at 165, and the number of those planned or under construction is also unchanged at 9.

On July 21, at the 46th Basic Policy Subcommittee of the Advisory Committee for Natural Resources and Energy, the draft of the 6th Strategic Energy Plan was presented. This plan mentions to keep 19% for coal in 2030. This Strategic Energy Plan will be finalized and then will be open to public comments soon.  It is important that the Strategic Energy Plan will include the goal of zero coal emissions in 2030.

  • The database can be downloaded in Excel format on this page.
  • Click here (PDF) to download a summary of the coal plant data.