【Database Update】Latest status of coal-fired power plants (May 01, 2021)

Japan Beyond Coal database update:

Two proposal plans were canceled and two plants started commercial operation in April.

[Proposal Cancel]

  • Nishiokinoyama Power Plant (tentative name), a planned coal-fired power plant in Ube, Yamaguchi was canceled. Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. (J-POWER) and Ube Industries announced on April 16.
  • Akita Port Thermal Power Station (tentative name) , construction plan in Akita, was canceled. Kanden Energy Solution Co., Inc. (Kenes) announced on April 27.

Due to cancellation of these remaining two plants, there is no more proposals in Japan.

[Operation Started]

  • Kaita Power Station in Fukuoka prefecture started its commercial operation in April 1.
    This power plant burns 80% mixed combustion (woody biomass) in its fuel.
  • IGCC Nakoso Power Station started its commercial operation in April 19.
    Before starting operation, Mitsubishi Corporation Power, one of the parent company, changed its name to Mitsubishi Corporation Energy Solutions and established Nakoso IGCC Management and registered as a parent company on behalf of Mitsubishi Corporation Energy Solutions. Currently registered parents companies are Nakoso IGCC Management (40%), Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (40%), Mitsubishi Corporation (10%), Joban Joint Power (5%), Tokyo Electric Power (5%) .

* The database can be downloaded in Excel format on this page.
*    Click here (PDF) to download a summary of the coal plant data.