【Database Update】Latest status of coal-fired power plants (April 01, 2021)

Japan Beyond Coal database update:

The “Japan Beyond Coal – Towards a Coal-Free Future” campaign continues its countdown to zero coal-fired power plants in Japan by 2030.

Kyushu Electric Power announced its Karita Power Station, New 1 unit (360MW) has been put under “mothballed” condition (long-term suspension) from April 2021, but there is no change to the number of operating or retired plants this month. “Mothballed” power plants are included in the number of operating plants in our countdown.

Kyushu Electric Power Company Press Release: Revision of Financial Results Forecast for FY2020 (Link)

  • The database can be downloaded in Excel format on this page.
  • Click here (PDF) to download a summary of the coal plant data.