【News】Europe Beyond Coal expands to “Beyond Fossil Fuels”

Following the success of the Europe Beyond Coal (EBC) campaign, March 28, 2023 saw the launch of Beyond Fossil Fuels (BFF), an expanded campaign that will build on EBC’s efforts to phase out coal power to eliminate all fossils fuels, including gas, from Europe’s energy sector, and to show a path to a renewables-based power system.

Since launching six years ago, the Europe Beyond Coal campaign has seen 23 European countries commit to exit coal, 17 of which will happen by 2030 or earlier, with over half of the continent’s coal plants announcing Paris Agreement-compatible closures.

Because of this, Beyond Fossil Fuels will continue EBC’s efforts to safeguard Europe’s Paris-aligned 2030 coal phase-out. However, to address the impacts of fossil fuel dependency on the climate, energy security and economic stability exacerbated by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Beyond Fossil Fuels will additionally work to phase out fossil fuels from Europe’s power sector and transition to a fully renewables-based energy system by 2035.

Along with the campaign launch, Beyond Fossil Fuels published a new meta-analysis of recent research titled “Freedom from Fossil Fuels”, showing an ambitious but achievable package of measures for implementation by the end of 2025 to bring down coal and gas demand in the European power and heating sectors and replace them with solar, wind, heat pumps, efficiency and smart consumption. This would set the path for a 2035 decarbonized energy system, which will secure energy supplies and reduce living costs in addition to addressing climate change.

As an OECD country, Japan also must completely phase out coal-fired power by 2030 in order to meet the Paris Agreement goal of limiting the global temperature rise to 1.5℃. In addition to this, Japan has made commitments to take “concrete and timely steps” and “[accelerate] efforts” to phase out coal, and to achieve a predominantly decarbonized electricity sector by 2035.

However, despite these commitments, Japan has since put new coal-fired power plants into operation, maintained plans to build additional plants, and will keep some of the country’s oldest, dirtiest plants online to co-fire coal with ammonia. While Europe – and the rest of the world – has seen much progress in phasing out coal and expanding renewable energy, Japan continues to move against global trends with policies to extend the life of fossil fuels through policies like the GX (“Green Transformation”) Basic Policy.

Beyond Fossil Fuels will continue to be a member of the Beyond Coal network, and will remain a partner with JBC in the global effort to phase out coal for a safe climate, secure energy supply and prosperous economy.


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