【News】End to the consideration of the coal-fired power project in Akita – End of the domestic new construction plan

On April 27, 2021, Kanden Energy Solution Co., Inc. (Kenes) announced that Kenes and Marubeni Clean Power Corporation would end their consideration of the Akita Port Thermal Power Station (tentative name) construction plan.

Kenes and Marubeni were planning to construct a coal-fired power plant (650 MW x 2 units, 1,300 MW in total) in Akita Port, and started the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in 2015. However, even though the EIA was completed, its construction was postponed in August 2019, and no further announcements were made.

This is the second case of cancellation of a new coal-fired project in Japan since the Japan Beyond Coal campaign launched in September 2020, following the cancellation of Nishiokinoyama Power Plant (tentative name) in Ube, Yamaguchi-prefecture, on April 16. It is also a memorable cancellation as this is the last new coal-fired power project currently planned in Japan.

However a concern remains. In its press release,* Kenes stated that the reason for cancellation was that “it was difficult to foresee the business feasibility of this project.” while it is reported that is a possibility of continuing the project, including a change in fuel source to biomass power generation. We hope that Kenes and Marubeni Clean Power Corporation will stop considering biomass power generation and instead consider prompt switching to sustainable, zero-carbon renewable energy. It is necessary to keep our eye on their movement.

Press Release: Kanden Energy Solution Press Release (Japanese)