【Video】Voices from the local community in Yokosuka to stop the construction of a new coal-fired power plant

In July 2021, Kiko Network released a new video focusing on the residents appealing for the suspension of construction of the Yokosuka coal-fired power plant. Construction is currently underway and is managed by JERA, the largest power generation company in Japan. This video allows us to hear the voices of those impacted, such as Masahiro Takemoto, a professional diver and marine-environmental activist, and Rikuro Suzuki, one of the core members of the local civil group “No Coal Yokosuka,” as well as others in the community, including residents near the construction site and members of the Fridays For Future Yokosuka youth movement. The video tells the stories and messages from the hearts of local community members, and conveys their feelings as they watch construction of coal-fired power plants unfold in their hometown of Yokosuka.

Since the construction began two years ago, the world has been accelerating movement toward a coal-free and carbon-free society. Yet despite the changes occurring worldwide, construction of new coal-fired power plants continues in Japan.
It is our hope that these local voices will spread all over the world, and construction of the Yokosuka power plant will soon be stopped.

Protecting Yokosuka, Protecting the Earth: Aspirations of Yokosuka Residents (with English subtitles)