【Report】Renewable Energy Institute releases “Proposal for the 2035 Energy Mix (First Edition)”

Renewable Energy Institute has released the report “Proposal for the 2035 Energy Mix (First Edition): Toward Decarbonizing Electricity with Renewable Energy” on 11 April 2023.

This report is the first in Japan since the release of the IPCC report (AR6) to present the potential of supplying more than 80% of electricity in Japan from renewable energy sources by 2035, while identifying its possibilities and challenges with the aim of achieving a 65% reduction in CO2 emissions.

In order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 65% by 2035, it is necessary to thoroughly decarbonize all energy sources, not only in power sector, and to increase energy efficiency. To achieve this, it is essential to first reduce the use of fossil fuels. The report states that if it would allow for 80% of electricity to be supplied by renewables, the fuel costs for thermal power generation can be reduced by 4 trillion yen annually.

At the recent G7 Climate, Energy, and Environment Ministers’ Meeting, it was agreed to “accelerate phase-out of unabated fossil fuels”. In Japan, discussions on 2035 have not yet progressed, but it is imperative that Japan urgently review the energy strategies and take necessary measures on climate change, taking into account the contents of this report.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Accelerating the energy transformation to overcome the climate and energy crises
Chapter 2. Solar PV development potential
Chapter 3. Wind power development potential
Chapter 4. Potential for non-variable renewables
– Section 1. Bioenergy power development potential
– Section 2. Hydroelectric power development potential
– Section 3. Geothermal power development potential
Chapter 5. Electricity supply mix in 2035
– Section 1. Electricity demand outlook in 2035
– Section 2. Projected supply potential of each power source
– Section 3. The shape of the 2035 electricity mix toward decarbonization
Chapter 6. Proposals for 2035 decarbonization pathway electricity mix

Report Download

Proposal for the 2035 Energy Mix (First Edition) Toward Decarbonizing Electricity with Renewable Energy (Link)
* Full report is written in Japanese, but an English summary is available.


Written / Published by: Renewable Energy Institute
Published: April 11, 2023