【Report】Renewables to Strengthen Energy Security in Europe and Japan

On July 5, 2022, the Renewable Energy Institute released “Renewables to Strengthen Energy Security in Europe and Japan”.

This report, primarily focusing on energy supply, aims at shining a light on energy security-related issues relevant to European and Japanese stakeholders as they face decisive energy and climate crises.

<Table of Contents>

Chapter 1: Reliance on Imported Fossil Fuels Makes Europe and Japan Vulnerable
1) Dependance on Fossil Fuel Imports Severely Weakens Europe and Japan’s Economies
2) Problematic Geopolitical Dependence on Fossil Fuel Imports from Africa, the Middle East, and Russia
Chapter 2: Strengthening Energy Security by Accelerating Renewable Energy Electricity
1) Renewable Energy Electricity: Key for Energy Security and Carbon Neutrality
2) Key Points of the Three Main Types of New Power Supply Plans in Europe and Japan
Chapter 3: Challenges and Solutions for an Energy Security based on Renewable Energy Electricity
1) Improving Demand and Supply Flexibility
2) Managing Geographical Concentrations of Critical Minerals & of Clean Energy Technologies Manufacturing Capacity

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, 2022, serious concerns about energy security have been spread around the world. Japan’s current condition heavily relay on imported fossil fuel is not sustainable from economic, geopolitical, and environmental perspectives. Japan should accelerate the introduction of renewables to meet carbon neutrality goals while strengthening energy security.


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Written / Published by : Renewable Energy Institute
Publish : July 5, 2022