【Report】Kiko Network releases updated CCUS position paper

Kiko Network has released the English version of the position paper “Carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) is not a magic wand”.

In this paper is an update of a report that Kiko Network first published in June 2019.

The new version includes a summary of the current status of CCS implementation in Japan, based on new findings of international organizations and think tanks related to CCS and CCUS, and points out the problems that may arise if CCS projects multiply overseas in the future.

In the Japanese “GX (Green Transformation) Basic Policy”, CCS is positioned as one of the technologies for “securing decarbonized regulating capacity. We hope this position paper help to understand the current status of Japan’s CCS policy.


1. Current status of CCS implementation in Japan
(1) Capture
(2) Transport
(3) Storage
2. Implementation of CCS overseas, and related problems
3. Conclusions
(1) The perils of estimating required storage amounts
(2) Unpredictable implementation
(3) Economics
(4) Hindering decarbonization in Southeast Asia
(5) In closing


  • Carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) is not a magic wand
    No role for CCUS as a pillar of climate policy in Japan or Asia (PDF)


Written/Published by: Kiko Network
Published:  July 2023