New Launch of “Japan Coal Plant Tracker”

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New Launch of “Japan Coal Plant Tracker”

 November 24th, 2015
Kiko Network

Kiko Network has been watching the domestic development of coal power plants in our web site “” focusing on the “coal”.

sekitanmapAfter nuclear power shut down caused by the Fukushima accident, Japanese government and industry are rushing to develop coal power plants under the circumstances of current cheaper coal price and electricity utility deregulation starts in 2016. The number of development plans is rapidly increasing in these few years. There are 48 construction plans with capacity of 23.5GW. If these plants are constructed, 14.1 Mt-CO2 will be emitted annually.

In case these development plans keep going, not only it emits huge amount of CO2 for several decades, it also hampers deployment of flexible electricity system by renewable energy sources and keeps conventional large-scale centralized electricity system by nuclear and coal power generations. Business operators may have to take financial risks of continuous import of unstable price coal and of investment to the environmentally unacceptable technologies that could be stranded assets.

It would be difficult to go back once the constructions begin. It makes difficult condition to stop. Therefore, it is very critical to re-consider their coal power development plans now, at this moment, for the safe climate future.

Today, we open the “Japan Coal Plant Tracker” site in order to watch domestic coal construction plans and the status of EIA process of new coal power plants, and to share these information with people in local communities. This new site indicates map of construction plans and provides detailed information of each plant based on the information available.

The map on “Japan Coal Plant Tracker” shows how many coal power plants are planned and at where those plans exclusively concentrated in Japan. The information (details, EIA process and others) will be updated regularly.

We hope that this “Japan Coal Plant Tracker” will help to provide useful information about future development of coal power plants and share the problem of “dirty”coal.



The “Japan Coal Plat Tracker” is based on various information publically available, including the official documents, press release, media articles, official Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) information and others.

Some uncertainties remain on particular plant data due to lack of information. All information are written with the responsibility of Kiko Network.


“Japan Coal Plat Tracker”  

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