【Update】Japan Coal Plant Tracker: 20190124

This is update on January 24, 2019.



We found ABL Energy has switched energy source of “Iwaki Energy Park” from coal combustion to 100% biomass. After making sure with document at the Fukushima prefectural government, we move this project under cancellation with changing its name as that document indicated. New name is “Fukushima Iwaki Yoshima Power Plant”.

Start Operation

We confirmed Kamis Power started and Hibikinada Energy Park started that commercial operation in July 2018 and in August 2018, respectively.

So, we put these 2 units under “operation” status.  Also, Meinan Kyodo Energy power station moved into its commercial operation from test-operation, this is another one to put under “operation”.

Following to these changes, current condition is:

Total 50 units(23.323GW)
Canceled 9 units( 4.806GW)
Operation 10 units(1.128GW)*including trial-operation
Currently active proposal 31 units (17.389GW)

Construction Started

Kushiro Power Station was confirmed that it started construction on December 15, 2017. It is planning to start operation in 2019.

Name Change

Following to the construction planning paper, we changed the name of “Asahi Chemicals Nobeoka” to “Asahi Kasei NS Energy, Nobeoka Power Plant, No.2”.

Following to the Nippon Paper’s business plan made in May 2018, we changed the name of “Nippo Paper Akita Power Plant” to  “Akita Biomass Combustion Power Plant”. Its operation planning date is shifted to FYI2021.