【Update】Japan Coal Plant Tracker: 20190222

This is update on Ferbruary 22.

Small-Scale power plant

After checking current status of small-scale coal-fired power plants, 2 units are already in operation stage and 1 unit is canceled, as Kiko Network reported based on communication with entities/environmental department of local government.


・Nobeoka Power Plant, No.2
・Hibikinada thermal power plant


・Soma core industrial park plant

For this result, updated condition of Japanese coal plant proposal is as:この結果、現在の状況は以下のようになっています。

Total 50 units(23.323GW)
Canceled 12 units( 6.918GW)
Operation 12 units(1.30GW)*including trial-operation
Currently active proposal 26 units (15.105GW)


Kushiro Power Station: It changed its schedule, operation starting time is now in November 2020 (it was December 2019).

Saijo New No.1: Sikoku Electric Power (YONDEN) received official document from METI, on February 19. Following to the process, final EIA  documents will be opened from March 8 to April 8. Yonden is planning to start its construction in middle of March. (Shikoku Elecreic Power’s PR, Japanese only