【Flash Report】Japan Coal Plant Tracker: 20181227

Flash Report

On December 27,  Chugoku Electric Power and JFE Steel announced cancellation of the “Soga Coal Power (tentative)” project in Soga area (1,070MW, USC). Now the number of cancellation is 8 in total and 34 remaining.

Total 50 units(23.323GW)
Canceled 8 units( 4.694GW)
Operation 8 units(0.904GW)*including trial-operation
Currently active proposal 34 units (17.725GW)

Here is announcement from Chugoku Electric Power (released on December 27, 2018) (Linnk in Japanese

Kiko Network and civil networks (Anti-Coal Tokyo Bay, Anti-Coal Soga) published joint news release. (Link in Japanese)