【Update】Japan Coal Plant Tracker: 20180427

Today’s update is including good news!

▷Takasago New-No.1 and No.2 (Takasago city, Hyogo)

On April 27th, J-POWER released the announcement to abandon the  Takasago Thermal Power Plant New Unit No.1/No. 2 Replacement Plan. It was the plan to built 2 units of 600 MW coal-fired power plants.
Here is the link to their press release.
Abandonment of Takasago Thermal Power Plant New Unit No.1/No. 2 Replacement Plan

Now, the number of cancellation is 6 units in total and remaining is 36 units.
Kiko Network’s press release (in Japanese)  is also available in here.

▷Taketoyo No.5 (Taketoyo city, Aichi)

On April 18th, Chubu Electric Power announced they start construction of Taketoyo No.5. It is planning to start commercial operation in March, 2022.

▷Matsuura No.2 (Matsuura city, Nagasaki)

On April 19th, Kyushu Electric Power announced they re-start construction of Matsuura No.2 that had been hold for a while.

EIA document is available: Saijo New No.1 project by Shikoku Electric Power

The second screening paper of EIA process for Saijo No.2 is available during the period from 2018/4/3 to 2018/5/7. (The information site below and all documents are written only in Japanese.)