【Update】Japan Coal Plant Tracker: 20180323

This is an update on March 23rd, 2018.

​1)Status update

Ishinomaki Hibarino No.1  start operation​
Ishinomaki Hibarino No.1 coal power plant held the opening ceremony on 2018/3/16 and started its commercial operation.

Tokuyama No.3
It is confirmed Tokuyama No.2 is under construction since October 2017.  It is planning to start commercial operation in 2022.

Kamisu Power/Marubeni, Kanden/Ibaraki Prf.
It has been unknown for many years, but finally information get be opened on the Marubeni’s web site as a name “Kamisu Power”.  It is under construction and going to start operation in October 2018. It may use bio-pellet, but combustion ratio is still unknown.

​2​)Number of units of “operation”​
We have counted “trial operation” unit as a part of “under construction” unless we can surely confirm starting date of  commercial operation by trustful information of power generation record. However, even under “trial” any units emit CO2 and other pollutant as soon as that start burning fuels. Therefor, we change a category of “trial operation” from “under construction” to “operation”. Currently Meinan Power Plant is only one “trial-operation” and we count this unit as “operation” from now on. There are 7 units are put into “operation” categories.

Total 50 units(23.323GW)
Canceled 4 units( 2.312GkW)
Operation 7 units(0.792GW)*including trial-operation
Currently active proposal 39 units (20.219GW)

3) ​Hyogo prefecture governor submitted his opinion to the Kobe Works New-No.1/No.2
On March 16th,  Hyogo prefecture governor submitted his opinion to the Kobe Works New-No.1/No.23 on its EIA process.  The governor insisted the business operator should steady prepare all environmental protection measures listed on the EIA document and deeply consider various issued governor pointed out.

Kiko Network and Green Peace have opened new site “Coal-Pollution Map” together on March 19. This new map indicate how pollutants (NO2, SO2, PM2.5) emitted from new coal power plants will widely spread into air and where get more influence by those  emissions. Visual simulation result on the map help to understand impact of what would be emitted if proposal power plants start moving as that planed.

​Link to the Coal-pollution Map (石炭汚染マップ)  is here.
*You can access the Map by clicking the banner on right side of this page.