【Update】Japan Coal Plant Tracker: 20171002

Here is update on October 2nd.

[ Proposed Coal Plants ]

● Sendai Power Station
The Sendai Power Station (SPS) has announced it started commercial operation of their coal-fired power plant which is built at Sendai port, on October 1st. (anouncement in Japanese)

Sendai local residence filed legal actions against commercial operation of this Sendai Power Station (same name as operator company) in September 27th. For this action, 124 people are signed up, but the SPS, its parent company KANDEN Energy Solution and Itochu Enex Co. did not hear any voices from residence. Infornation is available on the “No Coal Sendai” page. (link, page written in japanese only)

Thus, local residence and Kiko Network with 22 environmental NGOs make a proclamation to those companies that disregard the request to stop of commercial operation. (proclamation is available here).