【Update】Japan Coal Plant Tracker: 20170714

Here is an update of Japan Coal Plant Tracker

Date: July 14

Proposed Plants

● Kobe Works New-No.1. No.2 (tentative name)

On July 11st, EIA document Screening 2 for Kobe Works No.1 and No.2 became publicly available.
Available date: 2017/7/11-2017/8/10 (exclude weekend and holiday)
Openion submission due date: 2017/8/24
Detailed information (link) (all documents are written in Japanese)

● Taketoyo No.5

On June 28th, the governor of Aichi prefecture announced comment for the Taketoyo Power Plant replacement project. (link)(in Japanese)

Existing Plants

● Hitachinaka Power Station, Unit1

TEPCO announced Hitachinaka Power Station, Unit1 mix biomass to reduce CO2 emission.
<http://www.tepco.co.jp/fp/companies-ir/press-information/press/2017/1441… (link is external)
Unit 1 combusts 3% wood-biomass (in maximum)
Unit 2 is also planning to combust 4.5% wood-biomass (in maximum) in Autum (link