【Revised】『The Japan Coal Plat Tracker』up-dated information(2017.3.23)

The Japan Coal Plat Tracker update on  March 23rd.

<Cancellation of new coal-fired plant project>

◆Ichihara, Chiba

On March 23rd, Tonen General Sekiyu and Kanden Energy Solution Co. (KENES) announced to cancel the plan to build a 1,000-megawatt coal-fired power plant. (Link to the Tonen General Press Release in Japanese.)

Kiko Network, also, released the press release on the same day. Here is the link.

[Press Release] Developers Announced the Cancellation of New Coal Power Project in Ichihara, Chiba –The first case of cancellation on a large scale new project (March 23, 2017)  (English)

【プレスリリース】赤穂に続き、市原でも石炭火力発電所計画中止 新規建設の計画では全国初の中止決定(2017/3/23)(Japanese)