CO2 not considered in “environmental” impact statement for planned coal power plant in Ibaraki

Kashima Power released its planning phase environmental impact statement for its new coal-fired power plant set to be built in Kashima city, Ibaraki in 2020. after receiving comments from the public (until June 21st).

This follows TEPCO’s statement on its two power plants set to be built in Hirono and Nakoso, Fukushima (“TEPCO’s new coal power plant in Fukushima set to be built, CO2 emissions not considered in impact statement” 2014/06/10). The planning phase environmental impact statement of Kashima Power was open for comments on its website only between May 22nd to June 21st. However, it was impossible to duplicate or save the file during this period and was immediately deleted after the 21st.

CO2This impact statement, similar to the two statements released by TEPCO, does not include any measures for CO2 emissions reduction. According to Kashima Power, this is because the power plant uses USC (Ultra Super Critical) technology which is the best technology available (BAT) stated in MoE and METI’s agreement concerning TEPCO’s thermal power bid. However, no consideration has been taken for measures such as purchasing carbon credits abroad to make up for excess CO2 emissions, nor is there any indication of the electricity power industry forming a voluntary framework for emissions reduction. Thus, it doesn’t reflect what was requested in the agreement by MoE and METI. Is it even possible to call this an “environmental” impact statement? And all things considered, how is it that utilities can build coal-fired power plants without taking any CO2 measures?

In this regard, Kiko Network has thus far submitted comments for three environmental impact statements. Kiko Network argues that from a climate change perspective, not only is it unacceptable to build new coal-fired power plants, but to not deal with measures for C02 emissions in these impact statements is also problematic. In addition, the NGO points out that lack of information disclosure of important information on environment aspects, such as CO2 emissions and thermal efficiency, is a grave problem.


Commentary on TEPCO’s plans to build coal-fired power plants in Hirono and Iwaki, Fukushima (concerning the planning phase impact statement)
Kiko Network, June 13th, 2014

Commentary on Kashima Power’s plans to build the Kashima coal-fired power plant Unit 2 (concerning the planning phase impact statement)
Kiko Network, June 21st ,2014