19 Environmental NGO Groups from 3 Countries Demand JBIC to End Support for Vietnamese Coal-Fired Power Plant

On August 27th (USA time), 19 environmental NGO groups from the United States of America, Australia and Japan submitted a letter to the president of JBIC (Japan Bank for International Cooperation), Hiroshi Okuda, requesting them to end their support for the construction of a Vietnamese coal-fired power plant. The letter states that on the 23rd of August, JBIC decided to give financial support to the Thai Binh II coal-fired power plant project in Vietnam which will alienate the financial institution in terms of international trends. As well as requesting that JBIC reconsider this decision, the NGO groups are urging that they end their support for international coal-fired power plants.

Letter to Mr. Okuda (Japanese)
Letter to Mr. Okuda (English)

Ceremony of the Thai Binh Power Plant 2

Source)Vietnam Business Forum – The weekly magazine of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry