the problem

Coal has numerous problems.
It’s time to exit coal and create a brighter future!

Japan Beyond Coal is a campaign aiming to phase out coal-fired power plants in Japan by 2030 to tackle climate change and shift to a society with clean and sustainable energy.
Is this really feasible? Can we produce enough electricity? Can we afford it?
Yes, it is all possible! Changes once thought to be difficult are already happening, and at a scale and pace that are quickly increasing. Today, we have the power to create a better world. Please join us in our efforts!

We are facing a climate crisis

Japan and the rest of the world have been experiencing increasing damage from unprecedented torrential rains, heat waves, and other extreme weather events that threaten lives, livelihoods, and economies. We are facing an approaching climate crisis.

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The coal phase-out is a global challenge

Fossil fuels are a major driver of climate change, and burning coal is one of the single biggest sources of CO2 emissions. Decarbonisation is a global commitment, and the “coal phase-out” is accelerating across the world as central and local governments, businesses, and financial institutions take action.

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Coal power in Japan

Japan has many coal-fired power plants and still depends heavily on coal power generation. Japan is being criticized for continuing to promote coal while the rest of the world transitions away.

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Transitioning to renewable energy

It has been frequently said that resource-deficient Japan needed to rely on coal to ensure a stable supply of electricity. But it is no longer true. Today, Japan is fully capable of ending its dependence on coal and other fossil fuels from overseas and transition to a sustainable society with 100% renewable energy.

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