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In Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, plans came to light in 2014 to build a coal-fired power plant with two 600 MW ultra-supercritical (USC) generating units (1,200 MW in total). Yamaguchi Ube Power, jointly owned by J-Power and Ube Industries, is attempting to build this new Nishi-Okinoyama Coal-Fired Power Plant (tentative name) on a site adjacent to an Ube Industries coal transfer site.

Osaka Gas was one of the original co-owners, but in April 2019 the company announced that it would be withdrawing from the project. Yamaguchi Ube Power subsequently announced that the project had been put on hold, but also stated that they would modify the original plans to build a coal-fired power plant with a single 600 MW USC unit, or an oxygen-blown integrated coal gasification combined cycle (IGCC) unit of unspecified output capacity. It is currently not known when the project developers will resume their efforts to build the plant.